Determination of the erythema-inducing light protection factors on fabrics using the UV dosimetry system VioSpor®



The measurement of UV transmission through fabrics and opaque substrata is a major problem using conventional methods, since the scattered radiation is incorrectly assessed.


The VioSpor® UV dosimetry system is excellently suited to determining the erythema-inducing light protection factors on all kinds of fabrics.



Procedure and analysis:


The fabric samples are irradiated between a standardized sun simulator (artificial light source) and the UV  dosimeter for a defined period of time (see model illustration). By analysing the dosimeter findings, it is possible to reach real conclusions about the UV protection factor (UPF) of the tested fabric and the biological effect on the human body of the UV radiation allowed to pass through the fabric. The minimum erythema induction dose per hour (MED/h) and the joule per square meter (weighted according to CIE-MED) are calculated for each individual measurement. Upon request, in addition to the dosimetry data, VioSpor can also determine close approximate values for the spectral range responsible for the measured effect. The measurements are carried out on our premises; simply send us the fabric samples (10x10cm), and we measure, determine the respective UPF value and send you a final assessment of the measurement results.