Intercomparisons VioSpor® versus Spectroradiometers

The high quality of the VioSpor® UV-dosimetry system has been demonstrated by several blind test intercomparisons on national and international levels [see literature]. The standard deviation of ± 10% (MED determined with VioSpor® and spectroradiometer) to the spectroradiometer values underlines that VioSpor® is a highly precise broadband dosimeter useable for applications where a high measurement quality is demanded. Important references of the UV-measurement system VioSpor® (national and international measurent intercomparisons and measurement accuracy):

For understanding of the measurement accuracy:

The report The 1997 Status of Solar UV Spectroradiometry in Germany: Results from the National Intercomparison of UV spectroradiometers (Band 55-1998, Seite 5) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) describes as measurement uncertainties for the best German spectroradiometers a values +/-15%!